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Posted On 18 Nov 2021
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Children in Years 2 to 6 walked to Tockwith Church on Monday and Tuesday to experience church and take part in several different activities.  The children had fun learning about the life of Mary, her journey to Bethlehem, baby Jesus, the angels and shepherds.   We would like to thank the Church for making us feel so welcome and all of the volunteers that helped make the sessions so fun, creative and educational for the children.

The children had the following to say about the sessions:

The first group that we went to was with Megan where we learnt about the life of Mary (Jesus’ mother). We started by guessing who would live in a house such as the one that they had created at the church. Then, Megan told us a story about Mary being visited by angels telling her that she would soon have a baby called Jesus and it would be the son of God. We then sprinkled salt into a bowl with some flour and talked about the significance of salt.  (Sophie Y6)

In church yesterday 15th November 2021, we did numerous activities but I’m just going to tell you about one!  We were each given a golden bag, a pen and a piece of green paper. We all had to write what gift we would give to baby Jesus. I wrote a golden crown seeing as he is a king. Then, we put it in our golden bags. At the end of our visit to the Church, we all gathered around Baby Jesus and put our gifts next to his wooden crib.  I had great fun doing all these activities! (Amelia Y6)

We learnt about the Journey  with Reverend Martin and we talked about Mary and Joseph traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Their family’s wouldn’t take them in because they disowned Mary and Joseph because they were not married. They travelled all the way from Nazareth to Bethlehem for about a three day journey. Then they stayed in a stable because all the rooms were full because the king said everyone must go to their hometown. The innkeeper said they can stay in the stable and Christ was born. (Florrie Y6)

At Church, with Mrs Marriner, we learnt about the angels and the shepherds. The setting was what the shepherds had left behind after they had rushed off to see the newborn king. They left a dinner of bread and figs as well as a rug. They also left 2 sandals and their cloth and stick. This was to look at advent and when the angels came down to tell the shepherds about this new king who would be wrapped in rags and laying in a manger. (Sam Y6)

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