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Posted On 13 Sep 2022
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Welcome back, it has been delightful to see everyone return to school in such good spirits with lots of stories to tell. It has been lovely to welcome our 39 new starters into Team Picasso and Team Einstein in Reception.  We were delighted to return to see the new Waller Suite operational. It is such a lovely space to have and our Year 4’s are settling in well to their new classroom. The same is the case for all our other classes in their new settings.

We are waiting for additional paving and fencing which will help with access for the Year 2 and Year 3 classes. This will also make it easier for parents/carers to access kidzone from the carpark and Tick Tock Daycare Ltd.

This term, we have started off discussing the high expectations we have from the children in their learning and behaviour. We have talked about our reminder system and how the reminders are used.  The teachers will discuss this further in the meet the teacher sessions, which will be taking place on zoom next week.  Our strategic aims this year are:

Strategic Priority One:

For all children to reach their individual potential and to prepare them for the future.      

To build on high outcomes for the children across the school enabled by staff

Strategic Priority Two:

Ensure that curriculum cohesion is embedded across the school                                                                                                    

A knowledge rich curriculum that is rooted in the bible and ensures that the children can live life in all it’s fullness.

Strategic Priority Three:

For all to live life in all it’s fullness – John 10:10                                                                                            

Ensure that all children have enrichment opportunities offered to them in light of the past 3 years and the monocultural area they live in.

Strategic Priority Four:

High quality professional development translating into improvements in teaching.                                                                                        

High quality Continuous Professional Development impacts on the very secure quality of teaching across the school with a strong Quality Assurance process to support this.

We have also updated 60 brand new chromebooks in school. Year 5 and Year 3 are the recipients of new shiny touchscreen chromebooks.  Our older chromebooks are no longer able to install the latest updates which is why we have had to replace them despite them still working well. However, we will be able to sell them onto yourselves at a heavily reduced price – more details to follow.

Thank you very much for returning your children to us looking smart, on time and ready to learn.

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