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KS2 Reading

Posted On 02 Nov 2022
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Before half term we were really excited to invite parents and carers of children in years 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to visit these classes to observe and experience a guided reading session.  Following the class observation, Mrs Perry led a session in the school hall to share tips and ideas on encouraging and developing reading for children with opportunities to ask questions and share ideas with other parents.

It was amazing to see so many parents in school keen to see how we teach reading.   Mrs Perry shared a presentation with the parents covering how we teach reading and how to overcome barriers to reading.  This presentation can be viewed by clicking here

Many thanks to all of the parents / carers who came along to the session, it was lovely to see you all.  Thank you also to Mrs Perry for leading the session.

We received the following feedback from parents who attended this session:

A lovely initiative to allow parents to see behind the scenes!

The whole class debate was fantastic to watch. They were so respectful and polite towards each other, raising some great points. It was a really exclusive session and the children all appeared very engaged in the topic. Mr White challenged them to think outside the box with lots of thought provoking questions encouraging them along the way. Thank you for the opportunity of allowing us to attend Year 5’s reading session.

I am the parent of a KS2 child in Y3 and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the classroom and seeing how reading and comprehension is taught. I found it most interesting to see the teacher doing the bulk of the reading and then allowing the children to debate the text and come up with various answers. I didn’t realise this was the way it was done and was interested to see that the children seem to enjoy this way of working.  I’m also personally a big fan of reading on chromebooks and think that’s an excellent method of not only encouraging reading but allowing the children to embrace technology.  Overall I enjoyed the time in the classroom and would like to be involved in more of that as it was really beneficial to me


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