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Y4 Residential to Kingsway Activity Centre

Kingsway 2021 was a hit with our Year 4’s! We had a fun-filled, non stop three days. From the moment we got there our resilience was tested with the challenge of making up a bed. From the fitted sheets popping off at each corner to the entanglement of many children within a duvet a smile was always the thing to appear at the very end. Following on from this steep learning curve we had a busy first day of crate stacking, archery, team games and a late night forest walk. The learning didn’t stop at dinner time, new foods were tried by many along with discovering how to wash up 30 dishes!

Tuesday was again filled with a variety of challenges, the first being how to get into a wetsuit without putting it on back to front. We learnt how to build a raft as part of a team, learnt that not everything goes to plan (by not staying afloat) but to persevere and laugh in these situations. We explored the fast moving currents on a gorge walk, facing our fears and leaping from great heights! We ended our last evening round the campfire, reflecting on the last two days whilst toasting marshmallows followed by a hot chocolate before bed. The final day was fast approaching and the class wished they had one more day…or maybe it was the realisation that they had to get all of these clothes magically into the case they so neatly arrived with? Wednesday arrived and we battled once again with the stripping of the beds, this was a battle won by all and they were all soon onto packing. They then set off for their final activities before departure, crate stacking, team challenges and archery. Every member of year 4 pushed themselves to their limits, mentally, physically and emotionally. They all rose to the challenges set by the team and always came up smiling at the end. I am incredibly proud of what each individual has achieved and it was an honour to take them away for this incredible learning experience. Thank you Year 4 for giving everything to this residential.

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