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University Challenge!

Posted On 19 Jul 2023
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University Challenge came to Tockwith today with the master quiz show host Mr G!    Each house put forward two representative from each year to answer questions on subjects they have studied throughout the course of the year.  Questions included some of the following:

R – Who was Wizard Lizard’s evil servant?   How many sounds are in the work ‘bedroom’?

Y1 – What does a canivore eat?    Name one thing a plant needs to stay healthy?

Y2 – Which is the largest continent?  The star of who is represented in a Synagogue?

Y3 – What is the specific name for the skull?   What is the French for the colour green?

Y4 –  What many canine teeth does a regular human have?   What word describes the speed of the music?

Y5 – Name a type of bridge?   In rugby, what way must a pass go?

Y6 – Starting in Early Years, name in order every teacher you have had?  In the acronym LGBTQ, what does the L stand for?

After an enjoyable and intense quiz, Mr G announced the winning house as being ‘Lucas’!  Alex in Y6, the house captain, proudly lifted the trophy up in front of the whole school – well done Lucas!  Mr G also commented on how well everyone had done in both answering the questions, and sitting quietly whilst the quizzes were on.  Well done team Tockwith!  Many thanks to Mr G for organising and hosting Tockwith’s first University Challenge!

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