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Crucial Crew

Posted On 19 Jul 2023
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Children in Y6 went to York College this week to take part in an event called Crucial Crew.  Crucial Crew is a multi-agency event organised through schools, by the police and supported by the fire service.  They aim to raise awareness of safety issues to school children in Year 6 (aged 10-11).  The event takes the form of a range of 20-minute interactive scenarios which cover a wide range of topics, each educating the students in a specific risk.

The scenarios include the children having ‘hands on’ experience in what to do if they discover a fire in the home and how to make an emergency call. They will identify risks set up in the scenario and learn how to make their homes safer.

Other scenarios include:

  • Water Safety
  • Heathy Child Team
  • Internet Safety
  • IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Services)
  • Drugs and Alcohol Awareness
  • Anti-social Behaviour

A crucial crew game can be found via their website:



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